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Medical care is one of the core services essential to human welfare.  

Adcorp Financial Services offers several healthcare options to support you when you need it most; namely: 

  • Medical aid through Discovery
  • Gap cover through Zestlife
  • Health insurance through Oneplan or OCSACare


Discovery Health Medical Scheme is the largest open medical scheme in South Africa, covering more than 2.7 million beneficiaries nationwide. Its plans can include a mix of: 

  • Hospital benefits
  • Chronic illness benefits
  • Screening and prevention
  • Medical savings for day-to-day medical expenses
  • Day-to-day extender benefits, if you’ve spent your annual savings
  • Above threshold benefits, for further day-to-day cover 

View a summary of Discovery’s 2018 plans and associated contributions here.


Medical costs can add up fast. But even with comprehensive medical aid, some specialists charge substantially more than the standard rates. In fact, in some cases, medical aids pay less than half of the total specialist fees charged.  

Through gap cover specialist, Zestlife, Adcorp Financial Services offers several competitive solutions for covering these potentially crippling financial shortfalls. 

View Zestlife’s 2018 brochure here.


Oneplan Health Insurance puts healthcare in the hands of more South Africans through its wide range of affordable health insurance products. But that’s just the beginning… 

Oneplan is also the first South African medical insurance company to launch its own transactional card that operates like a debit card for medical expenses: Onecard. This user-friendly system with mobile claiming technology:  

  • Shortens the claims process
  • Provides immediate access to funds
  • Eliminates the burden of upfront payments, and
  • Eliminates tedious paperwork and red tape. 

For a view of their disruptive plans, click here.

Oneplan Health’s FAQ’s

There are certain co-payments depending on the policy you are on. This is also dependent and varies depending on the claim type. An example would be for day-to-day expenses for which Oneplan provides a fixed amount for your visit. Should your visit cost more than the claimable amount provided by Oneplan, the insured would be liable for the balance. In terms of hospitalisation, there may be an excess amount on the total claimable amount. This will be confirmed via the call centre and application process.

Yes, the insured may continue with the policy in his/her own capacity. This must be arranged with Oneplan directly.

All premiums are collected via debit order for all assignees if joined voluntarily. Should there be an employer contribution, a special arrangement will be made according to your site. Should you be a permanent employee premiums will be collected via payroll as a salary deduction.

With Oneplan Health Insurance, you may visit any doctor of your choice and be admitted to any private hospital such as Netcare, Life and Mediclinic. However, if there are no hospitals in your area, as mentioned above, you may still visit any private facility as long as you obtain pre-authorisation.

In this instance, it is recommended the insured utilises a doctor that has a POS device. However, should the insured doctor not have a POS device funds can be withdrawn from any ATM. All bank charges will be deducted from the claimable amount provided by Oneplan. Once withdrawn, proof of payment and visit needs to be submitted to Oneplan within 48 hours to validate the claim. Should this not be done, all day-to-day benefits will be suspended; however, hospital and emergency benefits will maintain active.


OCSACare (a joint venture between Occupational Care South Africa and the CareCross Health Group) allows employees who were previously excluded from private healthcare, access to the national network of private medical practitioners at CareCross.  

Whatever your health needs, Adcorp Financial Services covers them. In one packaged service.

OCSACare’s FAQ’s

As you would visit a network of doctors and suppliers, there shouldn’t be any co-payments required from the member’s side. However, this could happen if the procedure or claim is not under the cover/code provided by OCSACare.

No, this is only available for you as an employee of Adcorp and its respective operating companies. This is a Group policy and is only available within the business.

OCSACare does not cover in-hospital claims. However, the network doctor can provide you with a doctor’s referral to a state hospital.

No, this is a Group benefit that is only available within companies.

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